Ghost Stories with Rob Hanson


Welcome to Ghost Stories

Here we will talk about ghosts, spirits , poltergeists, and all things that go bump in the night.
With experts in the field of Paranormal Research and Investigations, each program will bring
to you evidence that cracks the vale between life and death. Allowing you the listener to make
up your own mind.

Sunday Nights
7 to 10 PM Pacific
10 PM to 1 AM Eastern

Have a Ghost Story to tell Rob?
Call 855-586-9134

What people are saying about Ghost Stories with Rob Hanson

I am glued to the radio! I am absolutely fascinated with what I have heard so far!

Doggone this is good radio Rob!

Thank You Rob, for your new show about ghost stories. I think it may be a hit.

Ghost Stories with Rob Hanson is produced in the KTOX studios in Needles California, in conjunction with Rubin Broadcasting and Pirate Web Radio Productions.

Rob Hanson has been in Broadcasting for over 15 years. He has been a Talk show host for KTOX for several years and Ghost Stories is his fist time entering in to syndicated radio programing. He was born in August of 1967 in Denver Colorado to Bob and Patty Hanson. He grew up in the “Wilds” of Wyoming ,as he puts it. He joined the US Army in 1984 and served our nation until 1990. Being in broadcast radio has been his dream since early childhood.