" Cochise County has decided to hold itself hostage until its demands are met. Well, I say "Go ahead. Make my day." `" How lucky do you feel punk?" The world looked on and wondered...
"Fascism rarely gets called out. Honestly,I can't think of a time that fascism has been called out for what it is since the WWll. It's almost like we've been encouraged to turn a blind eye to far-right behavour, while demonizing any and all left-wing behavour." None Dare Call it Fascism.
"... it's great for the nNazis..." Others would say he's 'controversial' don't you know.
Anonymous25026 . put pointer to the right of '11-28-22' click on left mouse button,hold down,slide pointer to the left-turns blue- go to the end of URL, release left click, right click you get choices,goto 3rd choice,click that. Evidence that Trump is Americas hHitler. Fascist christ-ian hero.
​When(R)'s say they're "christ-ian", what they really mean is "I have Jesus' permission to treat people I disagree with like sShit, tell any lie, threaten any violence, deny any fact, re-enforce every white supremacy advantage, demonize any of gods children I don't like, for any reason, because Jesus will forgive me."NO HE WONT! Read the Beatitudes-Matthew 5:3-12 Make believe Christians.
Cliff notes version: Start at the one hour mark. You're SO busy, start at the 1:06:00 mark. Great analysis of the Ukraine fight for survival, and the citizens opinions in the countries affected. But not UA. or RU. Two months old, pre midterms. Aussie presenter. Worth your time, watch the whole thing. Not OAN FOX RSBN etc. Imparti
Oath Keepers founder Elmer 'Stewie' Rhodes," We aren't getting through this without a Civil War." Nov. 5th. 2020 "It will be a desperate and b****y fight." Dec. 10th. 2021. Sentence for Guilty of Sedition etc. handed down in 3 months. Proud Boys trial coming soon.
Correction: edit Dec.10th.2020 AND NOT 2021.

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