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19 Responses to “Home”

  • Pablo:

    Hey Guys, I just stumbled across your web page and I must say WOW!!! I’m impressed. I would like to leave a couple of comments, maybe something for the people of Bullhead City to think about. Maybe someone will take some action, I cant do it by myself…..

    I would like to start with the BHCPD and some of their employees. First off, lets start with one of the department’s Traffic Officers. A Functioning Alcoholic that is given a motorcycle to ride back and forth from work and home. I have personally witnessed this Traffic Officer lie on traffic accident reports and internal reports on other officers. I mean really, who gets hammered, attempts to walk their dog, falls and chips their teeth. This officer, off duty, has been caught by other officers, on duty, having sex with a Police Dispatcher, both of whom are married.

    Let’s move onto “Backdoor Deal Steel” This guy is a champion. Fired from several police departments in the past, most recently, the City of Parker. Terminated for Excessive Force and Sexual Misconduct? I guess it goes to show it’s who you know? I have seen this guy investigate a traffic accident. Does two monkeys and a football ring a bell? His appearance speaks for it’s self.

    Now, the “Internal Affairs” Sergeant, or as the Police Department likes to refer to it as the office of “Professional Standards” My question is, by who’s standards? This guy flat out lied in the Garzon Investigation and ADMITTED it in the City’s Personnel Hearing. This guy was involved in an altercation in a local drinking establishment and I know first hand that several citizens complained. What was done? I’m going to go with Nothing?

    Onto Captain Mark Moss. This guy is a real Rocket Scientist. He has a problem with any Officer that comes to BHCPD with experience, especially experience in California. Why does this guy get a “Take Home Car” when he lives in Henderson, NV? I have personally witnessed Mark Moss make sexual references about other police officer’s wives. He’s lucky to have all of his teeth? This guy is out of control.

    Chief Head? Should be Chief Out of His Head. This guy is all about himself and doesn’t care the least bit about his Officers, unless they make him look bad or can do favors on the down low.

    Let’s not forget the Canine Officer. Without the dog, this Officer is just an empty uniform. How does this officer get hired by BHCPD, fail field training 3 times and still have a job, much less get into the Canine Corp?

    What about Sgt. Ed Arvizu. What a piece of work this guy is. President of the POA and leaves his guys hanging. What’s up with his “I’m better than all of you” attitude. Your a BHCPD Sergeant, that’s it.

    Okay, Okay, Okay, I’m done with just the tip of the “Bad Cop” iceberg. I will move onto the decent cops at BHCPD and will identify them by name so if any of the listeners here run across them, have no fear, these are the good guys.

    Corporal Jesse Hoag, GREAT GUY, good cop and good person. Officer Robert Trebes, Sergeant Reid McNally, Detective Brad Holdway, Detective Charlie English, Detective Eric Teague, Both of the Crawfords, Officer Huna Smith, Officer Ryan Able, Officer Adam Hittle, Officer Bryan Morin.

    If it sounds like I have a vendetta against the Police Department, I don’t. I just have first hand experience with all of these people, some good, some bad.

    Good luck Citizens of Bullhead City. Take back your City Government! Oust Hakim!

  • one who knows:

    Jesse Hoag is NOT A GREAT GUY. He lies on police reports. An IA investigation was opened in 9-01-2011.

    Yes Bullhead City needs to be rid of Hakim, Toby Coter who btw does the books. He is in debt by over 35k in credit cards… Really

  • We are BACK! Make your posts. We will respond!


    want to tell you I’ve been listening since you began 13 or 14 years ago. Every town on the Colorado River needs a station like this to make the corrupt local politicians change and the people to have a real forum to speak – thank you.

  • Wendy Williams:

    Glad to see shared some of the demons of the BHCPD. My hope would be that you could stand up and help us do something about it. Who are you? Why do you have this inside information and why are you afraid to tell us your name. In my opinion those that know these things and do nothing are just as bad as the pukes in uniform. You could get more accomplished by speaking out since you obviously know about this personally that would imply that you have a position of authority and respect that would carry a lot of weight in an investigation. Yet, you wont even speak out against them. Afraid to lose your job? Who would want to work in an environment like that anyway knowing their victims are citizens of this community.

    I know there are good cops in BHCPD, but what does it say for them that they allow this to continue. Really? Brad Holdway, he just participated in a beating of a young man to almost death and the cover up that went along with it. He is a liar and an egotistical pig that he would beat a guy into a coma and try to cover it up. What he cant take the guy on one on one? WTF. And the department decides it was justified? How can you justify two cops beating one guy already down on the ground?

    The corruptness is an every day event at the BHCPD but we are the ones who are the victims and anybody that knows its happening that COULD do something about it but choose to look the other way make me sick!! You are actually worse than they are, you just spew out disturbing facts to a community and then turn you back and run to your comfortable place where I bet you would not accept this in your town. Or maybe you will cuz you live here that would suggest that you get some kind of special treatment because of who you are!

    I have a challenge to make you. Show us who you are. Come forward and I will back you up in getting this joke of a police department that affect families all over our town dissolved. I am betting also that you will not do that for whatever reason. Well, thanks for the stats and info we didn’t know. What are we supposed to do with it? Add it to all the other injustices that they have had a hand in? Please…..

  • I am hopeful that your radio station can best keep informing the public about about your new Needles city manager. The departure of Rick Daniels left our city of Desert Hot Springs in a “financial crisis” while he skedaddled out of town with a pay raise for his new job there in Needles. It was our city’s own financial consultant who used the term “financial crisis” to describe our current situation. As a member of the Finance Committee in Desert Hot Springs I can attest to specifics of the mismanagement of our former city manager, now your new city manager. It took about eighteen months before our Rick Daniels honeymoon period was over and we began realizing the mess we were in. It then took several more years while he sucked our city dry wasting millions of dollars before he finally moved on to another fat salary in Needles. Information is key. Keep up the good work informing the community.

  • Pamela:

    Hi you have a new overpaid city manager in Needles who quit Desert Hot Springs, CA and left us in a financial crisis. Rick Daniels. Watch your books closely if he’ll let you near them. He is an influence peddler. Beware and good luck!

  • M:

    Just curious why we’re not hearing much about the City of Needles, on the verge of bankruptcy, cutting employee hours, furlough days etc., how and or why could they hire a city manager for more money than; any governor of any state in the country, any menber of the United States House of Representatives, almost as much as the Vice President of the United States, at almost $200,000 a year and then make room to keep the present city manager at a created position at another $140,000 a year? Just curious.

  • tommy:

    Just went to service az to change my address. Its not working under maintenance? I thought govt web sited were perfect? Oh no jan brewer you messed up you should be in prison. I know ther are thousands of people in az trying to change there address at 10pm on a saturday night. Good thing theres no one trying to get health care and by the way brewer. calif has it nev has it how many people have to be killed or hurt before you pass a no texting law? I see city and county employees texting driving and getting paid. SORRY GUYS WE GOT TO STOP ON OUR PHONES WHILE DRIVING

  • Bullhead Resident:

    Jesse Hoag lied on a police report to make it stick. Bullhead needs to investigate this guy.

  • Time2standNfight:

    Just thought you should mention how out of hand Mohave County Prosecutor’s office has gotten out of hand. Lets start with Mr. McPhillips, this is not the good guy the newspapers and city makes him out to be. I have seen multiple times as well as sit in the court room and hear the Judges say, “This charge against the defendant seems unusually harsh given the nature of the alleged report.” Everything coming across his desk he will somehow drum up “crime against children” charge. For example if you argue in front of a child with your wife, he will go for the kidnapping charge. THink I am joking i watched it this week in court. This is how he won felony prosecutor of the year award last year and he specializes in “crimes against children.” Now I am not saying he hasnt done anything good, what I am saying is that this over zealous prosecutor needs to be stopped. He is the definition of what is wrong with the system today. Abusing his power and held unaccountable for the destruction of lives, families, etc. He needs to be stopped.

  • Nancy G:

    Recently became a faithful listener. Streaming from Texas.

  • Anonymous:

    just wanted to tell you of the tv announcer that had an accident and needed a brain transfusion. when the wife spoke with the surgeons, they advised her that they could use doctors’ brains @ $1/oz. she declined. the doctors then said that engineers’ brains were available @ $2/oz. she told them that her husband was just a simple tv announcer and he would not be the same with doctors’ or engineers’ brains. the med staff then suggested they use tv announcers’ brains, the wife wholly agreed, but the price was $50,000/oz. “why so much”, the wife asked? “do you know how many tv announcers it takes to get an ounce of brains”, was the reply?

  • Curious George:

    How long will it be before traditional terrestrial (is that redundant?)radio goes the way of the dinosaur? Is it already happening?

  • CW (new to the area from CA):

    WOW! ok I am new here from California. I was given a promotion to move from CA to AZ. I chose LHC as a place to reside (and have my kids attend school ) based off of 2 weeks of searching through BHC for a decent place to live with good schools. ( basically that was a joke ) I spoke with every person that would have a conversation with me regarding the “area” and type of people and ethics of the police dept etc. Seriously guys/gals?? WTF is wrong with the place ,??? drugs, corrupt police officers, crooked politicians?? and just the general LOOK of BHC !!! I now make a 1 hr 12 min drive every morning and every afternoon from LHC to BHC and back just so that my family does not have to live in hell . Everyone preaches ” move to AZ , escape Californias illegal alien issues and tax issues etc .. for THIS??!! i think not. Literally the majority of people here in BHC look as though they are “a day from a dirt nap”. Yet the still have a cigarette hanging out of their toothless mouth’s. I really wish i was able to live closer to work but has anyone actually looked up the school ratings around here?? 3′s and 4′s (out of a possible 10 score people!) LHC schools are rated at 8-10′s (ALL OF THEM!) , Why is BHC not concerned with schools ?? Look at it this way , my situation i am a contributing member of society that makes 65-80k a year and COULD be spending that money locally (BHC). But instead i am spending that money in LHC ( where i pay more for things because it is a tourist destination) All because when my family and I came to BHC we were horrified by the school ratings and conditions. Wake up and clean this place up and people (with money) will come , and it will help the local economy PERIOD. Or keep on this path of destruction until every business and person (that is able to ) turns and runs for the hills.. or lake :)

    My apologies about the ranting , i feel as though i was “duped” into how great Arizona is vs California. Yes California has bad places but they are few and far between and can be avoided .. i guess in my case BHC cannot be avoided :(

    As for this Radio station : I was an AVID KFI AM 640 listener (john and ken in the afternoon) in California. I moved here and began a search for a GOOD AM talk radio station . I found 1340 KTOX as well as 1490 AM?? ( i soon realized was completely media controlled as well as possibly CASINO/BIG WIGS.
    AM 1340 has brought a lot of the ugly part of BHC to light for me. Yes its not always WHAT YOU WANT TO HEAR , however it IS WHAT YOU NEED TO HEAR . ( you guys should use that for a slogan on the air!! lol

    I can listen ALMOST all the way to my house in LHC ( is there a way we can boost the signal ?) thanks for listening and i WILL be chiming in from time to time as well as i think i will call in on the AIR , as you can see I have A LOT to say .. have a great one .

  • Mohave Co Resident:

    Bullhead City Police Jesse Hoag LAUGHLIN, Nevada — A Bullhead City, Arizona, police sergeant suspended earlier this month in one case was arrested on an a felony attempted sexual assault charge after he was accused of attacking a woman in a vehicle outside a bar in the Colorado River resort town of Laughlin, authorities said Friday.

    Jesse Samuel Hoag, 37, was arrested after surrendering to Las Vegas police investigating a woman’s complaint that she was attacked around 7 a.m. Wednesday by a man she met at the bar on Casino Drive.

    Hoag posted unspecified bond and was released from custody Thursday pending an initial court appearance. It wasn’t immediately clear if he had a lawyer.

    Bullhead City police spokeswoman Emily Fromelt said Friday that Hoag was placed on paid leave Oct. 3 pending the completion of an investigation by police in Kingman, Arizona, of an Oct. 2 incident there.

    Fromelt didn’t detail the nature of that investigation and a call to Kingman police wasn’t immediately returned Friday afternoon.

    Hoag became a Bullhead City police officer in August 2003, and was promoted to sergeant last March, Fromelt said. The department currently has 71 sworn officers.

    Bullhead City police were asking the Arizona Department of Public Safety to conduct an internal investigation of the incidents, according to Fromelt.


  • Old Bald Guy:

    CW, I’m surprised that nobody on the station staff replied to your question about losing the signal before you get to Lake Havasu City. You can download the free “Tune In” radio app and search for KTOX then save them to your favorites. You can then listen on your phone. There’s an APP for that! Of course, there’s no telling how much longer you’ll be listening to your favorite hosts anyway as KTOX is for sale. http://www.ktox4sale.com/

  • Robert:

    When are you going to talk about Bullhead city fire department again I just retired from there and would like to discuss

  • AZgirl7:

    CW…..The Grand Canyon State Welcomes you! How lucky you are to be making such decent wages. Do you work for the gov.? Or maybe an insurance co.? Maybe you are in sales since your income fluctuates by $15,000 a year? Perhaps the extra 15G comes from the recent dip in gasoline prices. Sounds like the ‘promotion’ was more like a bribe. In any case, who wants to live in a town named Bullhead City anyway? Even during good times the place looked just like it does now. It’s a gambling town, period. There’s always more crime and corruption when the currency is cash and the machines that hook the suckers are designed by geniuses to addict the mind. Mr. Laughlin is the one who has all the money. A good bit of it is even sucked off the top of beautiful Lake Havasu City’s residents. Remember when they were going to revive Atlantic City, NJ to it’s former splender by bringing in gambling? Ha! One block in from the beach it’s still a horrible slum and you don’t dare go there. A succession of crooked politicians, mayors, etc. made sure the money never passed their pockets to the town or the people. Now it’s as good as dead, as it was never any fun to go there.

    As far as the public schools go, AZ took the Federal bribe money to bring in the Common Core curriculum, so maybe the schools in LHC were better before that, but they’ll all be dumbing down and indoctrinating the kids no matter where they go now. Home schooling is the only choice if you want to control what your kids are exposed to. Because LHC was a planned city before it began in the early 1960′s, we did not have all the old and rundown properties to begin with, like almost any other AZ town does. As a result, there are very few low cost housing situations here and a lower than normal amount of down and out people. There are however always some number of homeless children enrolled in our schools each year. So, just sayin’. Be grateful for LHC and just enjoy your commute each day and the fact that you have a good job! Don’t lament when the KTOX signal fades CW. I have some good links for you below.

    Pablo…BHC just sounds like a microcosm of the country in general. The fish rots from the top down. Just look at what we call our leaders in DC! All of them, treasonous traitors to America, the Constitution, and THE PEOPLE! Those of you who chose to keep your heads in the sand will be the ones we blame when it all comes crashing down. We have been trying to ‘wake you up’ about all the crimes being committed against us, but you’d rather be a parrot of FOX, CNN, CNBC, etc. and call us names or think we are conspiracy nuts. Unfortunately things are much worse than we even have time to tell you. One word of warning for all you cops who have turned brutal on us: When it’s all said and done, you WILL NOT be having champagne and caviar with the elite who’s wishes you are carrying out. Not only will your fellow Americans hunt you down (yes, remember us? The ones you were going to protect and serve?), the scum who have destroyed America, will eliminate you first. They know if you turned coat on us, you won’t be loyal to them either. Notice how they are eliminating all the good military people who will not follow illegal orders? Notice also, how many Navy SEALs have died in the last few years? They are terrified of the very people they trained to be sharp shooters and assassins. The takeover of our country has been a long time coming but some knew, even back then:

    “The individual is handicapped, by coming face-to-face, with a conspiracy so monstrous, he cannot believe it exists. The American mind, simply has not come to a realization of the evil, which has been introduced into our midst . . . It rejects even the assumption that human creatures could espouse a philosophy, which must ultimately destroy all that is good and decent.”
    FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, 1956


    And of course listen to Luca Zanna here on Sundays: “Love, Guns, and Freedom”. We love you Luca, and proud to have you as our neighbor!

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