Snopes: Done with facts now turn on the lies!
You can tell your parole officer all your boo hoos and send it to hell. They hear that from a LOT of Hillary and Obama voters. Daily. I'm certain.
Man,you are stuck on stupid,never had a parole officer. PigBoy,are you and your boyfriend shooting heroin again? You're the one crying,not me. Boy,Trumpy sure gets wired to the gills at his nNazi gatherings,doesn't he? He wants you guys, to kill my guys,for his sorry aAss! And you want to,got guns,will kill Americans. And Russia has no extradition agreement with the US! Putin wins,happy PigBoy?
Don't worry about American gun owners. They can't kill even 1% of the people your communist friends in Peking or Soviet Moscow did. They killed more people than Hitler and your ILK now vote for people who think like those demon possessed murderers and perverts.
PigBoy,same drivel,different day.Didn't get that thesauruses did ya?You will get older,you will never mature.Trump is doing exactly what Putin told him to do,to get 'real wealth',like Putin.You need to create much chaos,because with chaos,Trump can steal.He's stealing right now.He's a crook, a Russian stooge,you're one too. You RWNJ's are delusional.Think you can kill Americans without consequence
"Bring it superthug. We'll see what happens when the future gets rockin' and very soon things are going to catch on fire because much of the country isn't going to lay down and let the nation get gang raped by the elected for life and money political class, pervert celebrities and their thuggy friends in the 3 letter agencies that believe they own the country. Buckle up superfreak." Said the punk
"...what happens when the future gets rockin'..."Don't be coy,when you and your fellow miscreants become mass murderers,killing American citizens you don't like,right? "going to catch on fire..."Catch?you're the arsonist."the 3 letter agencies that believe they own the country."Own?No,not like you.Gonna keep enough slaves to do the work you he-men won't do?Only white slaves? You freaks
Anonymous13222 . . .30 min. mark Az. water to grow Saudi hay
Your associates thought Americans were as oppressed and uninformed as the peasantry of Russia and China were before they gave in to their Communist rapists. Americans do know better and don't need the strippers and gigolos of the evening news industry anymore.
PigBoy,same drivel,different day.You're older,you never matured.You sound like a 14 year old pimple faced kid,p****d off his love interest,that boy in math class,likes girls. "...strippers and gigolos of the evening news industry..." You get your'insight' from Alex Jones,cause he's wrong,about everything. He warns about demons, has "special on BonerBeBigger pills!",and hates women. Way better.
Alex Jones believes Jesus is God in the flesh. There is no dishonor is honoring God on a planet that loves evil and wickedness and Jesus said 2,000 years ago.

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