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  1. A comment about why we wear masks for COVID-19 mitigation. The mask is not a prevention measure. The pores of fabric masks are too large to prevent the virus particle from getting through to your nose where the receptors for the virus are located. The virus particle is only 0.125 microns in diameter and even a HEPA filter liner attached to your mask is 0.3 microns. This is why the mask is a mitigation measure to reduce the numbers of virus particles getting into your system and why it is important to keep your immune system as active as possible with good diet and a limitation on sugar that can suppress the activity of the immune system’s white blood cells. As we approach the high sugar consumption holidays from Halloween through the New year, keep this is mind. Also, when exposed to any virus, such as the common cold rhinovirus, adding 1000 mgs of Vitamin C to your diet can help boost the immune response according to Dr. Linus Pauling who made this discovery known over forty years ago.

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